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Public Speaking Success Program
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Interested in Enhancing Your Leadership Skills with Powerful Speaking Techniques?

Public Speaking Coaching

If you are a leader looking to strengthen your professional presence, become a better storyteller, lead meetings with confidence, or simply express yourself with greater clarity and confidence, my program is designed to help you build upon your strengths, showcase your personal brand, and improve your public speaking ability.

Key focus areas:

Engaging Storytelling

Confident Delivery

Effective Communication

Delivery Skills



Organizing Content

Persuasive Speaking

Audience Engagement

Public Speaking Coaching Program

Month 1: Skill Assessment and Personal Brand Development

In our first month together we will focus on assessing your current speaking skills and developing a personalized brand and messaging strategy. This initial phase is crucial for understanding your strengths and areas for improvement, as well as establishing a clear and impactful communication style. We will capture the initial assessment of your public speaking skills through a recorded video session.

Month 2: Enhancing Public Speaking Skills

In Month 2, we will concentrate on enhancing your delivery skills. You’ll receive targeted training on key techniques such as posture, positioning, voice modulation, and gestures. Practice sessions will provide opportunities to apply these skills and receive constructive feedback, enabling you to refine your performance and build confidence.

Month 3: Advanced Presentation Techniques and Final Assessment

In Month 3, we will delve into advanced presentation techniques, including storytelling and audience engagement. These skills are essential for captivating and influencing your audience. The program will culminate in a final recorded session, allowing you to assess your progress and witness the transformation in your speaking abilities. Throughout the program, personalized coaching will support your journey, ensuring you develop a strong personal brand, hone your skills, and gain the confidence to excel in any speaking situation.

Customized Program Available

If you have a specific need you don’t see above such as a upcoming keynote presentation and require focused coaching for that specific need please schedule a consultation to discuss your unique situation.