It’s Time to Scrap the 5 & 10-Year Plans…


The 90-Day Leadership Development Plan is a free, digital workbook designed for first-line to senior-level leaders to map out a plan of action to accomplish your most pressing short-term goals.  

Leaders have used this plan to accomplish goals such as strengthening their personal brands, delegating tasks to their team, preparing for their next role, setting workplace boundaries, seeking out stretch opportunities, and improving leadership skills. 

Completing this plan is not a guarantee of success; you will have to implement the plan to see results. However, by completing the plan, you will know exactly what you need to do and by what date.

You can let the next 90 days happen to you, or you can proactively plan to accomplish your goals by documenting them in a plan.  

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A Simple, Fill-In-The-Blank Plan

The 90-Day Leadership Development Plan is designed to help you move forward on 1-2 of your most pressing short-term goals. In the plan you will:


Clarify your core values. Your core values must be at the center of all you do, you will complete an exercise to help you identify your top 6 values.


Complete internal and external assessments. You will take inventory of your strengths, areas of opportunities, and skills. Knowing where you are is the first step in developing a plan to get to where you are planning to go.


Document your actions. You will specify the actions you need to take, assign complete by dates, and identify an accountability partner to ensure you implement the plan.

Meet Coach Summer

I work with leaders to help clarify goals, develop strategies, work through workplace challenges, provide feedback, set firm boundaries, and hold themselves accountable for honoring the commitments they make to themselves. Throughout our time together we celebrate wins (big and small) and work on strengthening their personal brand.

My coaching philosphy is that you have everything you need inside of you to accomplish every goal you can imagine for yourself. My job is only to help you shine a light on your brilliance, guide you to working in your zone of genius, encourage you to take action, challenge you to leap outside of your comfort zone, and celebrate your big wins with you!

Coach Summer Alexander