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you need a strategy

  As a leader, you are responsible for motivating, developing, directing, influencing, and guiding your team. However, your value to your team and organization rests on your ability to tap into your strengths and prioritize your personal and professional growth and development. As your leadership coach, my job is to ask you the right questions and help you develop an actionable plan to move you toward accomplishing your goals. 

areas i’ve worked with my clients on

  • Developing leadership development plans

  • Upleveling strategic thinking

  • Developing personal brand & visibility plans

  • Addressing team performance
  • Maximizing employee potential
  • Giving feedback
  • Delegation
  • Cultural competency
  • Change management
  • Psychological safety
  • Presentation skills
  • Creating culture and connection in a remote environment
  • Relationship management


Accountabilty is one of the most important contributors to success in the pursuit of accomplishing your goals.

why summer?

Coach Summer Alexander

why summer?

I am a certified minority-owned business owner working to coach underrepresented leaders.

I work with leaders to develop personal brand strategies, create career & professional development plans, and strengthen their people leadership skills. I am a leader and talent development professional with 12 years of experience developing and implementing training programs for organizations globally.

With a background in research, technology, talent development, organizational leadership, and equity & belonging; I am uniquely qualified to teach the essential skills needed for success in an ever-changing work environment. 

My clients work in various industries, including tech, government, non-profit, education, consumer services, corporate, and more. 

Client Feedback

Summer thank you for your insight and encouragement and helping me to create my leadership development plan. Since implementing the plan I have been promoted into a more senior level of leadership.

Coaching Client

Prior to our coaching sessions I was struggling to get my team to engage and morale was low. With the strategies you helped me with morale has increased significantly and my mid-year leadership review exceeded expectations!

Coaching Client

Summer’s direct, yet compassionate style of coaching has led me to great discoveries about my potential as a leader. She has a unique ability to guide the self-discovery process through thoughtful questioning and full-body listening, which in my experience, sets her apart from many of her counterparts. If you desire a coach who is supportive, encouraging, and professionally equipped, Summer is the right one for you!

Coaching client

Having Summer for a coach helped me challenge myself in different ways of looking at obstacles in the workplace as well as light the fire for new ideas.

Coaching Client

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