Investing in Your Team is Not Optional!


The Reflect & Grow Workbook is a digital fill-in-the-blank action guide for leaders to provide to their individual contributor direct reports. 

Individual team members have used this plan to reflect on their contributions and efforts on recent projects, pilots, or other work-related initiatives and to identify strengths, areas of opportunity, and skills needed for ongoing development.  


free resources for leaders reflect and grow workbook

A Simple, Fill-In-The-Blank Plan

The Reflect and Grow Workbook is designed as a resource for leaders to help their individual team members reflect on recent work completed and develop goals for upcoming initiatives. In the plan your team members will:


Reflect on a focused time period. This worksheet can be completed monthly, quarterly, or annually to help individual team members highlight wins and identify growth opportunities before moving on to the next project.


Assess skills. Analyze which of the top soft skills you excel at and which you need to work on as you move into the next time period. 


Set SMART goals. Complete the goal worksheet to document goals for the next time period and to specify what actions you will take and by when to move you toward success. 

Meet Coach Summer

I work with leaders to help clarify goals, develop strategies, work through workplace challenges, provide feedback, set firm boundaries, and hold themselves accountable for honoring the commitments they make to themselves. Throughout our time together we celebrate wins (big and small) and work on strengthening their personal brand.

My coaching philosphy is that you have everything you need inside of you to accomplish every goal you can imagine for yourself. My job is only to help you shine a light on your brilliance, guide you to working in your zone of genius, encourage you to take action, challenge you to leap outside of your comfort zone, and celebrate your big wins with you!

Summer Alexander