As a leader you are responsible for creating and implementing a vision that will lead to success for your organization and team. On top of this you are also responsible for growing and developing your team while also trying to find time for your own professional development. The good news is you don’t have to start from scratch, download the free simple-yet-effective resources below and reach out to me if you need any additional support. You got this!

free Toolkits, templates, workbooks and resources to help you on your leadership journey. 


Leadership Development Plan

The 90-Day Leadership Development Plan is a digital workbook designed for first-line to senior-level leaders to map out a plan of action to accomplish your most pressing short-term goals.

Leaders have used this plan to accomplish goals such as strengthening their personal brands, delegating tasks to their team, preparing for their next role, setting workplace boundaries, seeking out stretch opportunities, and improving leadership skills.

free leadership development worksheet
Free download reflect and grow workbook

Reflect & Grow Workbook

The Reflect & Grow Workbook is a digital fill-in-the-blank action guide for leaders to provide to their individual contributor direct reports. 

Individual team members have used this plan to reflect on their contributions and efforts on recent projects, pilots, or other work-related initiatives and to identify strengths, areas of opportunity, and skills needed for ongoing development.  

I provide my coaching clients with even more resources plus strategy. Let’s chat to develop a strategic plan for you to grow in your leadership abilities while also supporting the growth of your team.


Mastering the Art of Public Speaking: A Guide for Leaders

Mastering the Art of Public Speaking: A Guide for Leaders

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The Importance of Investing in Minority Leaders

The Importance of Investing in Minority Leaders

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How to Be a People Centered Leader

How to Be a People Centered Leader

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