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being on brand training

Whether you know it or not you already have a personal brand. Your brand is made up of the opinions and beliefs people have about you based on the actions you take
consistently. Although your personal brand is rooted in an external viewpoint, you still play an important role in shaping that perception. Being intentional about building your personal brand is a powerful way to build meaningful relationships and advance towards your career goals.

being on brand workshop

The Being On Brand Workshop is ideal for corporations focused on career growth and development for leaders and individual contributors and growing small businesses with customer-facing employees. 

Defining Your Brand

We will start by discussing the importance of having a powerful brand and identifying existing brand attributes and core values.

Developing Your Brand

Next, we will learn how to conduct an internal and external assessment of your existing brand and how to complete a personal SWOT.

Demonstrating Your Brand

You will create a Personal Brand Statement and develop a Personal Board of Directors to help support your career growth and advancement.

Rebuilding Your Brand

In this portion of the workshop, you will learn strategies for rebuilding when your brand is not being received as intended.

Personal Brand Challenge

All participants will be included in the monthly 30-day Brand Challenge where they will complete activities to create brand visibility.


All program participants will receive a 1-hour coaching session to discuss personalized next steps for ongoing brand development.

what do people say about you when you are not in the room?

As it relates to the workplace, your personal brand is the external perception of how your peers and leaders view you, based on how you consistently present yourself. If you are not shaping that message your brand can easily be misconstrued. When you are not “on brand” it can be challenging for you to build relationships with leaders, peers, and customers and ultimately limit your career growth and development.

summer alexander

our expertise

Summer Alexander has over 11 years of experience providing data-driven solutions for global corporations, state & local governments, universities, small to medium businesses, and non-profit organizations. As a global program coach for multinational organizations she has supported leaders in Australia, India, London, China, and the United States. Summer attributes her personal and career success to being intentional about building a powerful brand while always operating with a spirit of excellence. 

industries served

The need to build a personal brand is universal no matter your industry, occupation, role, education, background or experience. We have facilitated workshops in the technology, education, legal, government, small business and nonprofit industries.

summer alexander

Building a powerful brand starts with assessing your current brand and developing a strategy to introduce that brand to the world. A strong brand can take you further than your education, background, and experience combined. 

being on brand

A personal brand is not built overnight it requires consistency and commitment to doing what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do it. Strong relationships are built by how your brand shows up. Promotions and career advancements are offered based on how your brand shows up. Opportunities and visibility come from having a strong brand. Take a look at the results you are currently experiencing in your career and ask yourself are you Being On Brand? 

summer alexander personal branding

From Our Clients

We provide highly engaging, interactive workshops with immediately implementable action strategies and proven results. 

“Thank you for taking the time to run an amazing personal branding workshop for our team last week. It was interactive, and interesting and I really learned a lot. Looking forward to iterating on my personal brand and incorporating all I learned.”


“Thank you for the incredible presentation on professional brand! I came away from the training with a lot of actionables, which I appreciate so much. You’re the best!”


Business Operations Manager, Technology Industry

“Summer, thank you for taking the time to run the team through your Personal Branding session. The session helped create a throughline that wove the rest of our week together. Your knowledge, humor, and transparency were so impactful!”


Sr. Manager, Technology Industry

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Tom Ewer

Blogger, Elegant Themes

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The Being On Brand workshop is available as a 90-minute training or a half-day immersive workshop. Submit your information below to discuss the specific needs of your organization. 

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