A simple, yet effective fill-in-the-blank marketing plan template to help you increase clients and revenue in the next 90 days.


A simple, yet effective fill-in-the-blank marketing plan to help you identify your ideal clients, craft your unique marketing message and determine the best strategies to reach them.

Module #1 – Mindset Plan In this module, you will start with the most important tool in your business toolbox – your mindset. You will take inventory of your fears and aspirations and develop a plan to ensure you have the support to succeed.

Module #2 – Money Plan In this module, you will assess your financial needs in order to set revenue goals for your business. You need to take inventory of your debt, household bills, personal responsibilities, and overall financial goals.

Module #3 – Client Plan All of the marketing in your business centers around the people you were called to serve. You must know them very well. In this module we will dig deep into the who, what, why, where, and how of identifying your ideal customers.

Module #4 – Messaging Plan Once you identify your ideal clients you need to craft a message that speaks directly to them. Your messaging is critical to your marketing and you only have a few seconds to capture their attention and drive them to action.

Module #5 – Pricing Plan Pricing is something nearly every entrepreneur gets wrong. You either charge too much or too little. In this module, I’ll walk you through the process of counting all of the costs associated with creating your offerings and how to have the confidence to charge based on value.

Module #6 – Marketing Plan In this module, you will determine the benefits and features of your offerings, create your sales funnel and process, assess your competitors, select the right strategies for your unique company, and learn to track your results.

Module #7 – Customer Service Plan Customer service cannot be an afterthought. In this module, you will create a detailed customer service plan that will allow you to proactively respond to the needs of your customers.

Module #8 – Action Plan In this module everything comes together in a concise action plan where you will detail the specific steps you will take to market your business over the next 90 days.

Module #9 – Resources In this module, I share a list of my favorite affordable business-building resources to help you implement your marketing plan quickly with minimal costs. If you need graphic design for social media posts, business cards, and flyers, or website design you will find a resource. Need to build business credit? There is a resource.

You will also:

  • Complete the Money Plan Checklist
  • Develop Your Stand Out & Sell Factor
  • Create Your Core Marketing Message
  • Write Your Client Story
  • Learn to Set Value-Based Pricing
  • Create Your Custom Marketing Funnel
  • Complete Competitor Assessments
  • Identify Relevant Marketing Strategies
  • Track Monthly Marketing Results
  • Implement the 30-Day Social Media Plan

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